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Here's the nice, cruel, frustating and deadly stupid story, why there's a Pre8 after the final 1.1 release.

I've uploaded v1.1 to aminet last weekend as was planned. One hour later, my humble installerscript-slave Ingo Musquinier uploaded a fix for the installerscript which was coming with v1.1 final.

Nothing suspicious 'till now.

Okay, the day after (I had uploaded ATC) I couldn't find V1.1 neither in the recent list nor in comm/tcp (maybe I haven't looked hard enough, who knows) but the installer fix was already there and I thought that ATC somehow got lost somewhere in the depths of Aminet.

Meanwhile (after the upload) I got some more bugreports regarding profiles stuff and crashes and I decided to release a last prerelease before the final v1.1, to gather some feedback on the changed profiles stuff.

So I did the prerelease (known as PreRelease8) and send it to the webmaster who then put it on the site.

Up to this point I didn't know that v1.1 had made it to Aminet.

So, today, after I came home from a hard and much to warm working day, I did a quick check on the usual amiga news services on the net and I saw a short notice on Czech Amiga News regarding ATC, stating pre8 is ready, with a question "why another prerelease?" after v1.1 is available from Aminet already.

Well, that's the answer to the question. I hope you are not too confused. Just see pre8 as pre1 of v1.2, which should be ready next weekend with some more bugfixes and swedish catalogs (thanks to David Erman).

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