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19.01.2001 New BETA available. Nevertheless ATC is still under development, but another project requires much of our attention! Read here for changes or download right away.
10.12.2000 We moved over to another IRC-server!
03.11.2000 Some buttons magically disappeared! Looks like no one needs them but they are back anyway... read this for more information or download it now.
01.11.2000 After a long period of silence a new Beta was released! This beta fixes the problems ATC had with NListtree V18.5, read this for more information or download it now.
02.10.2000 is back! The website was offline from 25. september to 2. october. :(
15.09.2000 If you want ATC to support your favourite language, get the localisation package and do it on your own!
22.08.2000 New pages up: We decided to blast you away with the most comprehensive historychart of ATC-versions available on the net. Any damage caused by viewing the charts is your own fault! (there is also a shortened table available) on a special request by Jochen.
16.08.2000 ATC has a new language: Czech! Thanks go to Vit Sindlar who made this possible. Download the catalog here (not tested too).
05.08.2000 ATC now talks italian! Thanks go to Virginio Savani who made this possible. Download the catalog here (not tested though).
27.06.2000 New page up: Guestbook! A dream comes true, now you can write your comments about this website directly ON this website. Great, isn't it? :)
23.06.2000 After nights discussing the question of life the atcdc came to a point where no man has gone before. At this special night the final decision was made to change the layout of the ATC homepage. Well it is!

But as this is not enough for a clear definition of life we also prayed for a new domain. And it came down to us as!

21.06.2000 Since 20.06.2000 you can meet the ATC development council on IRC!
17.06.2000 New page up: User praise!
25.05.2000 New page up: Reviews!
11.05.2000 Shit happens
16.04.2000 Bugreport is now Feedback!
06.04.2000 New page up: GUI!
17.03.2000 New pages up: Rating and Information!
07.02.2000 New pages up: Features and Bugreport!
05.02.2000 (19:19 GMT +1) The first bug-fixing BETA release is available only on!
05.02.2000 The first official release finally made it to aminet.

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